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Pasadena Village is committed to helping older adults support each other as they age in place. Members support each other, and the Village Office coordinates additional help from community volunteers.*



The following are examples of services that members may request by contacting the Village Office. The office then seeks an available volunteer to fulfill the request. Our member support services are provided by dedicated, pre-screened volunteers who come from within our village or from the wider community.

Help at Home

  • One-time or short-term garden projects
  • Occasional meals
  • Minor household repairs
  • Temporary pet care
  • Visits at home or in the hospital
  • Change batteries in smoke alarms
  • Help with paperwork


  • Visits at home or in the hospital
  • Regular contact/phone calls
  • Connections to community resources
  • Groups for mutual support

Tech Assistance

  • Drop-in technology workshops
  • One-on-one technology trouble-shooting
  • Help with social media

Member Rides

  • Local door-to-door transportation including to medical appointments, Village events, the library, post office, grocery store, or other local businesses

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Man doing gutter maintenance, standing on ladder in front of house


Requests for volunteer-provided support must be made through the Pasadena Village Office. To help us provide our dedicated volunteers with ample notice, we ask members to make a request at least 5 days in advance whenever possible.

  1. Call 626-765-6037 or email the office at [email protected] to ask for help with a specific task.

  2. Staff sends out a request for a volunteer and connects the requester with a volunteer.

  3. Member provides feedback when service is complete.

Our ability to fulfill member service requests depends upon volunteer availability. When no volunteer is available or qualified to fulfill the request, members may post a message in the Friday Bulletin to ask for referrals. The purpose of the Friday Bulletin is to foster member-to-member communication. Responses are directed to fellow members, not to the Village Office.


The Care Team

From time to time, members may need assistance beyond practical tasks, for themselves, for another Village member, or for someone for whom they are caretaking. The Care Team is a group of Village members charged with following up with them by telephone or in person. Most problems, such as social isolation, can be addressed with existing Village programs and activities, but others are more complex, especially if they involve challenges to independent living, such as temporary health issues requiring hospitalization or special in-home health services. They may also include more long-term issues such as new physical limitations, declining mental acuity, or loss of a partner. The Care Team endeavors to work with the Village member to help them find a solution. When issues are relevant to multiple members, the team may also sponsor educational programs, discussion groups, and support groups.

Please call the Village Office if you, or another Village member, could use some additional caring attention.



If you have ideas regarding services you would like to receive from the Pasadena Village that
are not covered in the list above or suggestions about those that are, please let us know.

Learn more about our volunteer opportunities here!


*Pasadena Village does not provide emergency services, housing, medical, or personal care services. If members need these services, they can post a message in the Friday Bulletin to ask fellow Village members for recommendations of service providers or agencies that may be able to help.

Members should always request volunteer assistance through the office, rather than directly with a volunteer.


For more information about other benefits of the Pasadena Village, visit our Why Membership page.


Pasadena Village, 236 W. Mountain Street, #104, Pasadena, California 91103
626-765-6037 • [email protected]