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Where We Started: Pasadena Village is a community of older adults from the greater Pasadena area who have joined together to help one another as we navigate the challenges and opportunities of aging in our own homes. The history of Pasadena Village recounts how a group of friends began looking ahead to find a more formal way to maintain their friendly and helpful spirit. That effort grew from an initial meeting into the active, vibrant organization that is Pasadena Village today. Pasadena Village is now part of both a national movement and part of the Village Movement California.

a group of older adults standing pointing at mountains in the background


Our members run Small Group Gatherings such as discussions, seminars and walking and hiking groups. Our Committees plan cultural activities, social activities, educational programs and support groups for a wide range of needs. Those who join the Board of Directors work alongside community members. While helping to run our organization, these groups offer opportunities for leadership and making new friends.


The Pasadena Village is committed to helping older adults age in place. As a community of seniors, we offer opportunities for learning, personal development, creative activity, and social engagement. We help one another or call on volunteers to assist with small tasks like grocery shopping, household chores, technology and transportation to medical facilities.

Our full Calendar of Events provides for participation in a variety of meaningful activities, including intellectual stimulation, entertainment, leadership opportunities, learning how to age in the best ways possible and making new friends. As friends and members, we support each in ways you can see on our Member Support page and take advantage of volunteer help from members of the surrounding community. 

For another perspective on the benefits that Pasadena Village offers, read this description of what we offer.



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Are you ready to join the Village? If you're not sure whether the village is right for you at this moment, here are a few things you might think about that Pasadena Village can provide.


Looking for new friends? Our Small Group Gatherings are member-driven interest groups initiated by members to pursue specific interests. Whether it is physical activity such as our walking groups that range from strolling in the park to hiking mountain trails or groups that pursue intellectual interests such as discussion groups as or those that pursue skill development such as our memoir-writing and gardening group and those that reflect diverse lifestyles, ethnic heritages, and those who are LGBTQIA+, you will find it here.



Fill out a Membership Application Online 
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Call 626-765-6037 for more information.


Pasadena Village, 236 W. Mountain Street, #104, Pasadena, California 91103
626-765-6037 • [email protected]