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Communities offer a wide range of benefits to their members, but intentional communities differ in one important aspect; they offer their members a chance to shape the community to fit their particular needs. Pasadena village encourages members to pursue their own interests, which means it consist of multiple groups within the framework of the larger community, each reflecting their specific interests and needs.


  • Opportunities to meet new people and form new relationships and friendships.
  • Connection to a group of people who are likely to share the same concerns and interests.
  • Opportunities to volunteer and be of service to others providing a sense of agency and relevance.
  • A network of people who share many of your experiences and have other experiences different from yours with whom you can exchange ideas and consult about issues that concern you.
  • Members and volunteers who can be helpful with small tasks around the house that can be difficult for individuals in an aging population.
  • Being with a group of people who come to know, understand and care about you, and stand ready to help when a need arises.
a set of three images, top one being three women sitting in fold out chairs at a concert, the middle image is a group of older adults with instruments, and the bottom image is of three women and one man smiling with flowers
The history of Pasadena Village is a special one. It was formed by a group of friends who felt a need to formalize their group and support each other as they aged. Our members feel and express a special spirit and often tell us about it. Hearing these stories help form connections among our members, one of the many rewards offered by village membership.

For more information about other benefits of Pasadena Village, visit our Why Membership page.


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