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Membership in the Village offers a great deal more than the services and activities that are available to members. It is a much deeper and more complex relationship. We offer an abundance of experiences and opportunities to our members. Whether you are active or sedentary, an introvert or extrovert, a person who wants to be fully engaged or someone who prefers to relax into an undemanding lifestyle, there is a place for you among like-minded people in Pasadena Village.


Have you ever had an idea or thought that you might like to pursue further but just did not know where to begin? Did you want to create and foster new relationships in your new life stage with similar experiences and did not know where to start looking? Looking for more motivation and stimulation, and quite frankly, just some good ol’ activities with stimulating conversation to get the juices going?

If so, Pasadena Village might be the place for you to consider joining, as we offer an environment and infrastructure that provide just those opportunities! We make it easy for you to explore whatever you desire. Whatever ideas you might have contemplated, there are probably others who share the same interests, and Pasadena Village is set up to help you connect with those people. Our broad array of small group gatherings are growing every day! The Pasadena Village environment encourages creativity, innovation, and the ability to get things started! We also offer continuous support through our member network and website to sustain your new group activities.


For those who are interested in being engaged in the community, we offer the opportunity to serve on various committees. As a member-run organization with a very small staff, we rely upon our more active members to make everything work. So there is always room to participate in one or more of our many committees.


Our small group gatherings are initiated and managed completely by our members. Because they are formed at members’ suggestions,  we always have a wide variety of interest groups available.  For example:

One of the discussions recently held in our Critical Issues group focused on the question, "Should we continue to watch 'The Cosby Show' or have Cosby's sex crimes cast an inescapable cloud over the show's legacy?"  In this group, the moderator picks a topic from the constant flow of news and information that surrounds us, highlights a particular article to use as a basis of discussion and circulates it to the group prior to the discussion on Zoom.

Another of our active groups, which was initiated as a result of the publication of the 1619 Project in August of 2019 in the New York Times, discusses the topic of racism in America. A recent session presented the story of how one woman got "sundown regulations" removed from the books of Glendale, CA and got the city to issue a formal apology for its past behavior. You can read about this remarkable woman on our 1619, The Lingering Imprint and view a recording of her presentation and the discussion that followed.

The leader of our Men’s Time group poses thought-provoking questions for members of the group to respond to, such as “What are the occasions and events in your history that made you who you are today?”

In our Racism Now blog, one of our members spoke about encountering nooses hanging in a tree on a walk through her neighborhood.  Her encounter with the owner of that home led to a surprising and hopeful conclusion.


For more information about other benefits of the Pasadena Village, visit our Why Membership page.

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