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As a “community of communities”, Pasadena Village offers a wide range of opportunities for engagement, which do not become apparent until you’re a member and begin to experience the breadth and depth of these communities and what they can provide. Maintaining your relevance in the later stages of life is a matter of great importance and is an ever-present challenge to people who have retired and perhaps moved into a less active stage of life.

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In this member-driven organization, Pasadena Villagers can create their own sub-communities and nurture and explore shared interests together. Perhaps you have an issue that you would like to discuss with someone who has similar issues, but you cannot do that within your circle of friends. You may not be comfortable discussing some topics with your friends because they do not share your problem or perspective. Within the larger community of Pasadena Village, you may be able to find a sub-group of people who, because of their individual experiences, are in a better position to deal with certain kinds of discussions. This can offer a great opportunity and support that may not be available within your current circle of friends. These are a few examples of the many benefits that membership in Pasadena Village makes available to you and are worth considering.


Time brings changes to everyone, and it is wise to anticipate some changes and prepare for them in advance. Friends age and their interests change. Sometimes friends move to be closer to family, children or grandchildren who live far away. Sometimes changes in health or physical condition require changes in lifestyle, and people are not able to maintain the same level of activity or interests as they previously did. Many of these changes can be anticipated and prepared for in life. Membership in a community such as Pasadena Village allows you to shape how the changes will affect your life.

Even a busy, fully engaged person can find interests they may not have explored yet. You might enjoy an opportunity to eat out with friends and explore new restaurants. Or perhaps you have a favorite restaurant that you would like to visit once every month or more often. Membership in Pasadena Village will allow you to make those kinds of arrangements and find others who would enjoy the same activities. You may have other interests you would like to share: perhaps reading a particular author and discussing the author's work, or a particular book genre, such as science fiction or biographies. In the Pasadena Village environment, you have the opportunity to reach out to a larger group of people and find others who share the same esoteric interests.Call 626-765-6037 or email the office at to ask for help with a specific task.



For more information about other benefits of the Pasadena Village, visit our Why Membership page.


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